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KitBuilders Magazine is a publication geared primarily towards the ever growing resurgence of the model figure kit hobby. Can you remember the mid 1960's when model figure kits were selling almost as well as car, boat, and plane models were? Well if you can, or even if that was "before your time", the interest in figure modeling is back!

KitBuilders is published quarterly. With issues released in March, June, September, and December. Each sixty four (sometimes more) page, color covered, issue covers figure and science fiction type kits from vintage styrene to today's new vinyl and resin releases. From its inception in 1991 KitBuilders was created to be a source of useful information for the figure kit hobbyist. If a modeler reads about a new kit released, or finally locates one that they have been searching for. Or perhaps tries out a new technique that they saw in an article, then we feel that we are truly contributing to the advancement of this wonderful hobby.

So if you are looking for a change from just building things with wings and wheels why not check out KitBuilders Magazine.

To find out more about KitBuilders, have some fun browsing through samples of our back issues. Currently there are feature articles for Issue 23, Issue 22, Issue 21, Issue 20, Issue 19, Issue 18, Issue 17, Issue 16, Issue 15, and Issue 14. Soon, included in each sample will be the words from the editor, table of contents, and a feature article. Come back and check for more samples to appear - new feature articles will be added periodically until we have one for each and every issue.

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