Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 24

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

A Perfect method for adding drama to life is to wait until the deadline looms large.
-Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

An age old greeting to you all as we cover vintage kits this issue. Possible disputed by some, figure modeling didn't really begin with resin and vinyl. Some say if you remember the 60's, you weren't really there. For me personally it's a little reversed. I have trouble remembering things from the 90's, but have very fond memories of those kit building 60's. For those that actually got to buy these kits for under a dollar, or for the ones that are now paying collectors prices for them, both agree that these models are unique and special in their own way. Of course we weren't able to show every vintage kit produced, but we tried to give you a general and nostalgic look back.

Speaking of looking back, we thought you might like seeing some examples of original Aurora box art work. These are truly pieced of art. for any one that has had the opportunity to actually see some of these original paintings it is indeed a treat.

Ed Bowkley serves up another treat by showing you a piece that Aurora never officially released, The Hanging Tree. Copies of the prototype for this kit are available and Ed gives us a quick review. continuing with our trip down memory lane, Mike Fredericks talks about those unique "models in a bottle" kits that were put out by addar.

While were tqalking about Addar, Rich Larson "Some Assembly Required" does some restoration work on their Vr. Zaius and Cornelius figures. Plus, check out his "In My Opinion" kit reviews where he critiques six new kits.

For those of you that were now able to attend this years fourth Mad Model Party, Mark Paskell "California Connection" shares with you his day by day journal that he kept. (Of course he too is reaching his vintage years and needs to write things down nowadays.) Continuing with more show coverage, David Sheedy (Espi Productions) covered Pennsylvania's Monster Bash that was held this past July.

Have you ever wondered what causes some of the defects that you see on today's resin model kits? Al Reboiro helps explain, and offers some remedies, for these imperfections.

Don't forget to check out our "Cool New Stuff" section where you can see lots of things that will tempt those dollars out of your wallet. For those that prefer a more "collector to collector conection" keep in mind the "Morgue" is where you will find our classified ad section.

Remember, it's still just a hobby, keep it fun!



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