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For information on shows, company contacts, magazines, videos, related web sites, and more, please look first in the Resources section.

Kit Companies

Gremlins in the Garage is an Internet based magazine and does not sell kits. But we do host web pages for the kit companies that are our sponsors and you can find their catalogs in the Garages section. If you are looking for information on a specific kit that you have seen on this web site please contact the kit company directly. You can also find contact information for other companies from the Companies page in the Resources section.

Do not send mail to Gremlins in the Garage to reach one of the kit companies, please contact them directly. If you can't find contact information for a kit company on the Companies page, please ask for it on one of the mailing lists. If you find out new contact information please contact Gremlins in the Garage so that we can add it to the companies page.

Mailing Lists

If you have general figure kit related questions please try out the gremlins mailing lists. There are a lot of people on these lists that have the latest info and are glad to help out fellow modelers. You can subscribe and unsunbscribe yourself from the mailing lists whenever you like. This is the best place to ask about kit building/painting/sculpting/molding techniques, where to buy kits, etc.

If you have questions about how to add your own information to the Gremlins in the Garage web site then please join the members mailing list. The people on that list have been through the process before and should be able to help out.

Gremlins In The Garage!

If your questions and/or comments do not fit into any of the previous categories then please contact Gremlins in the Garage. It may take a week or so to get back to you since this web site is currently run by a single person. It's always nice to get some feedback on what you think of the site, so please get in touch and let us know!

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