Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 21

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

- Thomas Merton

A "super" hello and welcome to issue #21. I am sure most of us got into this hobby for the fun and temporary escapism it can bring from the "real world" problems. Well even a hobby has a serious topic, and for this one it's recast kits. This debate of what's good and what's bad has really escalated in the last half of this year. So far it appears that both sides are very committed to what they feel is good for the hobby, or good for the hobbyist. You the consumer, the "heart" of this hobby, needs to be aware of this controversy and decide how you want things to be done. No matter which side you are for, remember if you just sit back and say nothing don't bitch later if things didn't turn out as you would have liked.

Ok, back to the escapism. For this issues theme we bowed to those mighty superheroes. Our "Olympian" cover photo was done by Larry Smith of California. He used Horizon's Thor for this outdoor shot. (The clouds are cotton.)

Matt McWhirt "rings up" another controversial subject, kit pricing. Matt tries to show you just how much can go into producing an average kit.

Ed Bowkley pulls double duty this issue. First he gives us his personal review of the Boston Monster Modelfest. [Thanks to Paul Antonelli and Rich Larson for additional photos.] Then he hit the road again to the October Chiller Theatre show for his "We The People" article. He's a man not afraid to ask questions! (There is also a Chiller photo spread following Ed's article.) Speaking of questions, John Tucky had some to ask of sculptor Pat Delaney. His answers can be found in this issues Xacto Facto.

Seems people are full of questions, for Rich Larson had a bunch to ask popular personality Brinke Stevens. She was happy to fill Rich in about her new "Brinke of Destruction" kit. Being produced by Creatures Unlimited of England. Rich also reviews five pages of new kits, ("In My Opinion").

Mark Paskell, that golden tanned thespian (no, I said thespian), once again fills us in on that ever changing California scene.

That vinyl master, Joe Jobe, was certainly busy this issue. Lending his critiquing eye and tweaking touch to four new kits. Check out his "Vinyl Vignettes" and Ben Kenobi article.

Well we finally crammed in a few pages for our "Collector's Corner". Where readers get to show off their work. ENJOY!!



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