Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 12

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

The Secret For Failure: Trying to please everybody.

Greetings!, and thanks for picking up this twelfth (# 12) issue of Kitbuilders Magazine. Our cover coordinated theme this issue covers some of the "tools of the trade". (Speaking of the cover, we would like to thank artist Robert Hare of Columbus Ohio for his art work that graces this issue).

Rich Larson goes over your basic workbench repertoire of needed tools for resin kit building. While Joe Jobe shows what can be done to a vinyl piece with just an excto knife, super glue, and some clothes pins.

Also this issue we finally get to show some reader submitted "tips" and articles that had been regretfully "bumped" from previous issues.

Mike Blank of Stockholm Sweden shares with us some of his painting secrets using Humbrol paints. His work is impressive.

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find a way to clean up a clear piece of plastic that has glue stains on it? Well, check out page #41 for an answer to your problem.

On page four you will find the winners of our last issues Aurora Parts Quiz. We received a great response from you Aurora connoisseurs out there. We plan on similar contests in future issues. Plus a BIG THANKS to all of you who took the time to respond to our questionnaire. Your input is invaluable to us. Enjoy!




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