Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 5

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

Greetings and welcome to issue #5 of Kitbuilders and Glue Sniffers. First I must direct a few comments to the kit producers. The magazine cannot help to promote your product if we do not know anything about it. In other words it is up to you to supply the magazine with photos and information about your kit line. Please do not assume that if you tell Terry Webb about your kit that it will automatically show up in this publication. Granted, Terry is an enormous help and source of information for this magazine, but he is a very busy guy, and try as he may, cannot be a PR man for everyone. Again it comes back to you the kit producer, the more advertising avenues you use, the more potential customers you can cultivate. Simply put, your potential for profit rises with the number of people who know about you. As a very smart man once told me, the first three rules of business are 1) Advertise, 2) Advertise, 3) Advertise. K.B.G.S. has some of the lowest ad rates in the hobby (Yes this is a self plug!) and to those who do not already take advantage of this, we just think you should.

So now please take advantage of all the work and long hours that the staff and article contributors have put into this issue - Enjoy!



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