Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 15

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

Your check book is your autiobiography

Salutations model kit assemblers, and welcome to issue #15.

Does that kit that you were so proud of when you first finished it now have that run down tired look? Have you been thinking that maybe a "nip" here and a "tuck" there might bring back it's healthy glow? Well find yourself a surgical saw, some coat hangers & putty, and a cute nurse and do some "doctoring (The cute nurse is optional.) This issue Rich Larson tries to coax you into finally having the nerve to chop up that $100+ model kit into a new pose. He guides you along on the changes he made to his Deadman kit. (The results of his labors can be seen on this issues cover.)

KBM readers also sent in some examples of their"doctored" kits. These photos emphasize the point that there are some truly talented and creative modelers out there.

Early"95" had it's share of big model kit shows. Mark Paskell shares his Mad Model Party experiences in this issue's "California Connection". Also covered are Wonderfest 95, and the spring Chiller Theatre show.

Contributing writer/modeler Jim Bertges had a "howling" good time putting together his own diorama, titled "Full Moon Rider". He shows us how to take advantage of those broken 3 3/4" action figures.

Again, the piece we had planned for those vintage Hawk Weird-Ohs kits had to be put to the side. We'll get it in one of these days.

STORK HAS A HERNIA DEPT: A hearty congratulations to Rich and Krista Larson on the birth of their twin boys, Mitchell & Brent. Future modelers for sure.



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