Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 13

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

Minds are like parachutes-they only function when open.

Greetings! You have before you issue # 13 of KitBuilders Magazine. This issues cover is brought to you by the customizing talents of Joe Jobe. Check out his Vinyl Review column and you can read more about this kit conversion and how putties played a role in it. Rich Larson also shows you some of his puttying techniques for those bothersome air bubbles and seam gaps

We take a look back at some of Aurora's earliest figure kit releases; this time we cover the Guy's and Gal's series.

A hearty welcome back to Mark Casket. Due to the fact that he was only born with two hands, two feet and one head, he missed our deadline date last issue. Now that he has learned how to do the work of three people, he's back on that scheduling track.

Sandra Garrity enlightens us to the possible uses of metal miniature figures in larger scale modeling.

We poke a little photo fun at this years Halloween Chiller Show. Also included is a very special full page Terry Webb poster. Terry has been the "butt" of a few jokes, we hope this poster shows our strong support for him .

We finally got around to putting together some tips and suggestions on submitting articles and photos. You can find this information towards the back of this issue. Hope you enjoy! Gordy



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