Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 10

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

Saluations connoisseurs of fine figurines. [That means "Hi to all of you Figure Kit Builders"]. Welcome to issue #10, and part ll of our "Kustomized Kits" and tips articles. Rich Larson and Joe Jobe have returned with more building tips to share, and new kit reviews. Though "shaken up" Mark Paskell was able to get us his "California Connection" article in time. We are glad he only had minor problems.

We have also included a "Lampoon" section in the back of the magazine. This section is intended for humor only, and to poke a little fun at ourselves and this hobby. None of the advertisments or articles in this section are legitimate or intended to be taken seriously. If life is totally serious to you, please skip this section.

Our cover photo shows the imaginative and talented customized work of Joe Renaud of Canada. Titled Forgotten Again, you can read more about this piece in the "Kustomized Kits" article





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