Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 19

Groovy kit builder 1963

"One thing nice about egotists: they don't talk about other people"

Greetings earthlings! You hold in your hands issue #19 of KitBuilders Magazine. This time we're going to get a little spacey, as you can tell from this issue's cover, which was beautifully constructed in cyberspace by Mike James. Mike used Masudaya's YM-3 (Lost in Space Robot) as his starting point and then created his own version of an extraterrestrial terrain.

Jean Elliott is back again with a piece on space related kits. John Tucky (that big "People's Choice" winner at this year's Mad Model Party show) is your tour guide through the universe of creating your very own Invaders diorama scene. Does he stop there? Oh no! He transverses the cosmos even more and brings you his building and painting tips for Billiken's Gort and Klaatu.

Joe Jobe changes mediums and switches from vinyl to styrene ("Plastic Injection"). This issue he gives his pros and cons on Halcyon's Predator 2 kit. He also includes his ever popular customizing tips for this piece.

Rich Larson gets stoned. Well, really, he shows us how to achieve a stone like effect on your kit. And being the ever helpful guy that he is he also shares his flesh tone painting tips. Both of these styles are demonstrated by using an airbrush.

For those of you who were unable to attend this year's Wonderfest, we're going to give you a glimpse of what you missed. This show keeps getting bigger and better each year.

We sent Ed Bowkley out to wander the aisles of the various east coast shows. His mission: to record what your thoughts really are about this hobby. His first stop was the spring Chiller Show in Secaucus, New Jersey. Ed titles his piece, "We The People."

Don't forget the "Cool New" section for cool new releases, Rich Larson's kit reviews and that wonder of the west coast, Mark Paskell and his California Connection. Enjoy!



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