Gremlins in the Garage!

Issue 18

"Groovy" kit builder circa mid 60's

Don't let your possessions possess you.

Hi! The fact that issue #17 was declared a sell-out after just three weeks of its December release pretty much showed us what you, the readers, choose as your favorite kit subject. Now monsters are still scary and Sci-Fi still flies high and superheroes have the muscle, but even all together they can't compare with the female form as the preferred topic for builders and painters. Now a few might deem this sexist, but we prefer to call it praise. It would be a very boring world without them (ladies). (And probably an unpopulated world, unless man learned how to self reproduce. But we would rather not think about that.)

This issue's cover of Graphitti Designs' Vampirella (originally sculpted by Clayburn Moore) was expertly modified and painted by that "ladies man," Mike James of Azimuth Design. The "Babylon Beauty" Monique Gabrielle, (sculpted by Joe Laudati) in the lower left corner, was built and painted by Jean Elliott. You can decipher how he did it by reading his article in this issue.

Mike Fredericks ("Garage Gals") gives us a look at some of the many female kits that have been produced in the last thirty years. We also threw in an additional photo review of more vintage and newer female related kits.

Speaking of photo reviews, Jerry Shaw sent us photos of his visit to Japan's Wonderfest Show. You'll see that it is quite obvious what subject is the most popular with Japanese modelers.

Joe Jobe gives us the scoop on Polydata's Luke Skywalker figure. Plus two more pieces get reviewed for his "Vinyl Vignettes."

If you ask John Tucky ("Xacto Facto") the time, he'll tell you how to build a clock - clock tower display base that is.

Rich Larson ("Some Assembly") tries to set things straight, with a leaning Worf kit. His "In My Opinion" has a batch of kits for your "re-viewing" pleasure.

Denis Lainesse of Figure FX Productions gives us a preview sample article from his new upcoming book, "How To Build Fabulous Figures of Film and Fantasy."

Let's not forget the "California Connection," and much, much more.

P.S. Opps! We forgot to mention that last issue's Betty Page cover kit was built and painted by our own John Tucky.

Also we had a typo with G-Force's phone number in last issue's "Cool New Stuff" section. The correct phone number is (519) 853-3679.



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