Gremlins in the Garage!


It's starting to feel a lot like the Aurora days again, thanks in part to Toy Biz! Toy Biz is introducing a new line of nine plastic model kits of characters from the Marvel Universe. Thanks, Toy Biz! Keep the great figure kits coming!
Marvel Model Kits Level I
Experience the fun of model building with the exciting characters of the Marvel Universe! Now even beginning model builders can get into the act with this assortment of snap-together models, featuring some of Marvel's biggest stars!

Marvel Model Kits Level II
Have fun re-creating classic action scenes with Marvel Model Kits! You'll bring the excitement to life when you build these kits, featuring the stars of Marvel's hit animated TV shows and comic books!

Note: The Storm kit has been modified since this picture was taken.

Marvel Model Kits Level III
Get your creative engines running because this model kit is screaming for vengeance! This advanced level kit features a highly detailed Ghost Rider and his motorcycle in an exciting action pose! Providing hours of fun and endless satisfaction, this kit will be a favorite in any model builder's collection.

Note: Prototype photos are not available yet. This picture is a drawing of what the prototype should look like.


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