Gremlins in the Garage!


From Pretty Graphic Comix comes Heidi The Fearless Flying Foo Fighter from the pages of the underground comic War Sluts. Heidi is sculpted by Phineas T. the artist/writer of the comic. This resin kit will be produced in 1/6th scale for a figure height of nearly 12 inches including hat and high heals. She will mount on a base shaped like an Iron Cross. Also included will be a War Slut's comic book with painting instructions by Kitbuilder's master builder Rich Larson. Extras like Heidi's medals will be made of pewter or etched metal, and a full size Foo Fighter pilot wings will be included. These wings will be white metal with .999 fine silver plating suitable to wear. A numbered certificate of authenticity will complete the package.

For more information contact Bobby Bergsman, Pretty Graphic Comix, 875A Island Drive, Suite 322, Alameda, CA 94502; telephone (510) 522-0339.


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