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Double Vision review by David Fisher and Terry Webb from Amazing Figure Modeler Issue 3.

Mark Newman is a name that many long-time collector's will recognize for quality sculptures in the past, but Mark hasn't been very visible for the last few years. With the release of The Neanderthal, let's hope that Mark plans to be around a long, long time! This is a fantastic kit! I'm glad to see original designs becoming more frequent, and Mr. Newman's Neanderthal is one of the best I've seen. The pose and body language are dynamic, the figure looks as though he could leap off the base and on to your head in a split second! The Neanderthal is loaded with wonderful, minute detail to the surfaces. Take one look at the expression in the creature's face and you know you're dealing with a kits that's bound to become a classic! The kit goes together with no difficulty whatsoever, the cuts between the parts are so clean they look like hairline cracks. You don't have to club me over the head to convince me to buy one! DF (David Fisher)

After what has seemed like an eternity, sculptor Mark Newman has finally released his third kit. This time out, the San Francisco artist has evoked an original design that is nothing short of a resin masterpiece. It excels not only in it's simplistic assembly, but also with razor sharp castings, a powerful pose, and exquisitely sculpted details so lifelike it's scary! Highly recommended for one and all. TW (Terry Webb)


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