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Mad Model Party 4: Review

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Theresa Butler
Larry Brackney(
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Note: We did our best to identify the kits in the pictures, but please let us know if we made any mistakes so we can correct them. Also, if we missed getting a picture of your kit please send us one so we can add it to this review. Thanks!

Photo 4003-A Bunch of Horizon Kits
Photo 4004-Terminator Hunter Killer kit
Photo 4005-Captain Picard as a Borg
Photo 4006-Aeon Flux
Photo 4007-Evil Emperor, From Star Wars
Photo 4008-Babalon 5
Photo 4009-Unknown Bust
Photo 4010-Boris The Werewolf by Spectral Motion
Photo 4011-Frankenstien Bust by Sideshow
Photo 4012-Demon by Sideshow
Photo 4013-Unknown Male
Photo 4015-Mad Lab Models Booth
Photo 4016-Demon Skeleton
Photo 4017-The Giant Claw by Monster Fun
Photo 4018-Wolverine
Photo 4019-Unknown (X-men)
Photo 4020-Catwoman
Photo 4021-Generic Man
Photo 4022-Generic Woman
Photo 4023-Worm Face, From The Movie Squirm
Photo 4024-Creature, From The Movie Big Trouble In Little China
Photo 4025-Demoness by Solar Cast
Photo 4026-Amazon's Pet by Cellar Cast
Photo 4027-Primevil Princess by Solar Cast
Photo 4028-Vampire's Kiss by Cellar Cast
Photo 4029-Dancer #2 by Abyss Creations
Photo 4030-Dancer #1 by Abyss Creations
Photo 4031-Suzy Abyss Creations
Photo 4032-Mars Attacks
Photo 4033-Sabertooth Tiger
Photo 4035-Jason And The Argonauts
Photo 4036-Kiss
Photo 4037-Barb Wire
Photo 4038-Nemo's Daughter by MiM
Photo 4039-Quake
Photo 4040-Primal Rage
Photo 4041-Ankylosaur by Charlie Mcgrady
Photo 4042-Tyrannosaurus and Giant Crocodile Deinosuchus by Charlie Mcgrady
Photo 4043-Unknown Dinosaur
Photo 4044-Terminator Bust
Photo 4045-I Dream Of Genie
Photo 4046-Super Deformed Star Wars Figures
Photo 4047-Vampirella
Photo 4048-Bruce Lee
Photo 4049-Bruce Lee
Photo 4050-War Of The Worlds Martian
Photo 4051-Ultimate Warrior
Photo 4052-Conan The Barbarian
Photo 4053-Unknown Male
Photo 4054-The Evil Tyrant
Photo 4055-Unknown Alien
Photo 4056-Satanika by Verotik
Photo 4057-Young Frankenstein
Photo 4058-The Death Dealer
Photo 4059-Pumpkinhead
Photo 4060-Preditor
Photo 4061-Unknown Female
Photo 4062-Brink Of Eternity
Photo 4063-Clint Eastwood
Photo 4064-Woolfman
Photo 4065-Ditten Nitivida by
Photo 4066-Little Miss Muffet
Photo 4067-Terminator VS The Green Alien
Photo 4068-Nina Dolono In Spiderman Suit
Photo 4069-Woman Bee
Photo 4070-Nina Gillmans Suite
Photo 4071-Nina Darkness
Photo 4072-OIP
Photo 4073-DR. Channard
Photo 4074-Pinhead
Photo 4075-Mars Attacks Kit
Photo 4076-From the Movie The Dark Crystal
Photo 4077-Thor
Photo 4078-Artomic Creations Kit
Photo 4079-Abduction 1919 by Atomic Creations
Photo 4080-Creature From The Black Lagoon
Photo 4081-Neil Andrythaw by Humanoid Models
Photo 4082-Vampirella
Photo 4083-Unknown Male
Photo 4084-Unknown Horse and Rider
Photo 4085-The Crow
Photo 4087-Kitbuilders Kit
Photo 4088-Dinosaur Diorama by Michael Rusher
Photo 4089-Igor from Young Frankenstein
Photo 4090-Barbarella
Photo 4091-Priss From The Movie Bladerunner
Photo 4092-Unknown Female With a Sword
Photo 4093-She-Pirate by Jaguar
Photo 4094-Gunslinger Bust by Michael Burnett Productions
Photo 4095-Werewolf Bust by Michael Burnett Productons
Photo 4096-Bruce The Great White by Michael Burnett Productions
Photo 4097-Unknown Female With a Whip
Photo 4100-Venom by Avatar Creations
Photo 4101-Cutter
Photo 4102-Graveyard
Photo 4104-Jurassic Park Velociraptor
Photo 4105-Carnotaurus and Unknown Sauropod by Lunar Models
Photo 4106-Buttercup by Raven Studio
Photo 4107-Unknown Female
Photo 4108-Unknown Female
Photo 4122-Dracula
Photo 4123-Guillotinna
Photo 4124-Jurassic Park Velociraptor
Photo 4125-Contest Entry
Photo 4126-Contest Entry
Photo 4127-Katana Ogasawara
Photo 4129-The Decapator by Bowen Designs
Photo 4130-Target Earth by Screamin'
Photo 4131-Joker by Horizon
Photo 4132-Storm Trooper
Photo 4133-ABC War Robot
Photo 4134-Unknown Animal Busts
Photo 4135-Scarecrow
Photo 4137-Female Cenobite
Photo 4138-Preditor Bust
Photo 4139-Batman
Photo 4140-Talos, From Jason And The Argonauts
Photo 4141-Mummy
Photo 4142-Contest Entry
Photo 4143-Mars Attacks Kit
Photo 4144-Unknown
Photo 4145-Contest Entry, Frankenstein, Crow, and ?
Photo 4146-Unknown Dinosaur
Photo 4147-Terminator
Photo 4147a-Creature From The Black Lagoon by Dark Horse
Photo 4148-Contest Entry, Alien VS Preditor
Photo 4149-ABC War Robot
Photo 4150-Contest Entry, Really Cool!!
Photo 4151-Borg Bust
Photo 4152-Judge Death
Photo 4153-Tyrannosaur
Photo 4154-Creature From The Black Lagoon
Photo 4155-Target Earth
Photo 4156-Conan Fighting Skeltons
Photo 4157-Einstein (Einsteins version of Frankenstein)
Photo 4158-ABC War Robot
Photo 4159-Primevil Princess by Cellar Cast
Photo 4160-Facehugger In Stasis 2
Photo 4161-Unknown Submarine And It's Creature Prisoner
Photo 4162-Velociraptor
Photo 4163-Predator
Photo 4164-Unknown Submarine And It's Creature Prisoner
Photo 4165-Neil Andrythal
Photo 4167-Unknown, Two Robots
Photo 4168-Phantom Of The Opera
Photo 4169-Frankenstein Bust
Photo 4170-I'm Back by Bernie Wrightson's
Photo 4171-Mummy
Photo 4172-Moonsinger by Humanoid Models
Photo 4174-Inteleg Kit
Photo 4175-Frankenstein by Dark Horse
Photo 4176-Nosferatu
Photo 4177-Goro by Streamline
Photo 4178-Bat Beast by John Margaros
Photo 4179-The Crow
Photo 4180-Moonsinger by Newmanoid Models
Photo 4181-Batman by Verotic
Photo 4183-Vampirella
Photo 4184-Unknown Bust And Spaceship
Photo 4185-Spiderman VS Greengoblin
Photo 4186-Contest Entry, Dinosaur Bust
Photo 4187-Genocyber
Photo 4188-Devilman
Photo 4190-Unknown Robot With A Gun
Photo 4191-Unknown Male With Red Hair
Photo 4194-Wolverine
Photo 4195-Famous Battles by John Margaros 1st place winner
Photo 4196-Spiderman VS Phantom
Photo 4197-Unknown Robot
Photo 4198-Batman And Robin
Photo 4199-Starshark
Photo 4201-Monogram Lost World T-Rex Eating Toy Soldier
Photo 4202-Star Trek Ship
Photo 4203-Species Diarama
Photo 4204-Terminator Bust
Photo 4205-ED 209 from Robocop
Photo 4206-Mummy's Chariot
Photo 4207-Unknown (Train?)
Photo 4208-Mars Attacks
Photo 4209-Earthworm Jim
Photo 4210-Male Cenobite
Photo 4211-Bobafett, From Star Wars
Photo 4212-Unknown Fighting Robots
Photo 4213-Contest Entry, (Man In A White Robe)
Photo 4214-Unknown Warrior Female
Photo 4215-Unknown Monster Pulling Another Monster In A Wagon
Photo 4216-Human Season (Rabbit Warrior)
Photo 4218-Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Photo 4223-Unknown Female Wearing A Barret
Photo 4224-Unknown People Fighting
Photo 4225-Heavy Metal by Streamline
Photo 4227-Vampirella
Photo 4241-Bugs, from What's Opera Doc? Sculpted by Jonathan Paine
Photo 4242-Elmer Fudd From, What's Opera Doc? Sculpted by Jonathan Paine
Photo 4243-Super Deformed Godzilla by Mad Lab Models
Photo 4245-Katana Ogasawara
Photo 4246-T-Rex Bust
Photo 4247-Ghost In The Shell
Photo 4249-Unknown Fighting Female
Photo 4250-Nina Darkness
Photo d01-Pharo by Monsters In Motion
Photo d02-God Of The Robots by Sideshow
Photo d03-The Giant Claw by Monster Fun
Photo d04-Curse Of the Werewolf, Grey Aliens,etc
Photo d05-Gunslinger by Michael Burnett productions
Photo d06-Contest Entry, Conan Battling Skeleton
Photo d07-Contest Entry, Jack In The Box
Photo d08-Contest Entry
Photo d09-Frankenstein Bust by Sideshow
Photo d10-King Thutmose by Jimmy Flinstone Testers
Photo d11-Stop Motion Armature Kit by Taylor Animation and Design
Photo d12-Contest Entry
Photo d13-Unknown
Photo d14-Unknown
Photo d15-Future Models Booth
Photo d16-A couple of Gremlins Photographing contest entrys (smile Penny)
Photo d17-Neil Andrythal by Newmanoid Models, painted by Anthony Mestas
Photo d18-Unknown Dragon
Photo d19-Katana Ogasawara
Photo d20-T.A.K. 1101 Tempest
Photo d21-Unamed Creature by MRK Unlimited
Photo d22-Young Frankenstein
Photo d23-Guillotinna by Future
Photo d24-Monster Cellar Booth
Photo d25-Neo Modeltech Booth
Photo d26-Guyver Kits by Creature Features
Photo d27-Demon by Legends Toys and Hobbies
Photo d28-Preditor Head Trophy
Photo d29-Gremlin Skull by Grey Zon
Photo d30-Contest Entry, T-rex head
Photo d31-Contest Entry
Photo d32-Jurassic Park Velociraptor
Photo d33-Gremlin by Michael Burnett Productions
Photo d34-Contest Entry, Species Diarama
Photo d35-Anime Contest Winner; Famous Battles by John Margaros
Photo 1 - Kitbuilders brand spankin' new kit by Mike James!
Photo 2 - The dreaded Darga dinos available at the Kitkraft table
Photo 3 - Needful Things' Young Frankenstein kit
Photo 4 - We're gettin' the band back together!
Photo 5 - Dancer 2 by Matt McMullen
Photo 6 - Flying Gung Bros' Ultimate Warrior makes the stalking Xeno look like a midget!
Photo 7 - Burnett Productions Bruce gets ready to put the bite on someone!
Photo 8 - A few of Burnett's amazing 1:2 scale busts
Photo 9 - Are we at the North Pole? No! It's the Creature Features booth!
Photo 10 - Spectral Motions much anticipated Boris the Werewolf
Photo 11 - Randy Vandall bashes his way into the hearts of Batfans
Photo 12 - Sugita's Dark Knight
Photo 13 - A terrific mummy diorama
Photo 14 - A gorgeous Bird of Prey film prop on display
Photo 15 - MiM's Cushing/Lee kits the way they SHOULD be done
Photo 16 - An excellent scratchbuilt contest entry
Photo 17 - A little something Dino Dan bagged in South America
Photo 18 - Zeiram gets a minute w/ the master at the Sideshow booth
Photo 19 - The only salvageable group print from the Brackney camera disaster!
L2R (Back row) - Larry "Zeiram" Brackney, John's buddy Dan, Jay Adan & Timothy, John "MirageD" Hoffman, Gremlette Laura, Theresa Butler, Denis "Mohawk" Bohm, "Dino" Dan Brandt and friend L2R (Front row) - John "Archie" Archdeacon, Scotty Mills w/ the dreaded resin baseball bat
Photo 20 - Dan gives Boris the Werewolf a free howling lesson!
Photo 21 - Mohawk smiles politely as Zeiram and MirageD model the latest turtle fashions
Photo 22 - After a hard day of resin gluttony, it's time for dinner! L2R: John Archdeacon, Jay and Timothy Adan, Sylvia (my she looks familiar) DeRuvo, Fred "Bossman" DeRuvo, and Mike "Dino dude" Friedrichs
Photo 23 - "Folks from Montana are always easy marks. That boy didn't even know what hit him!"
Photo 24 - Aw c'mon Mike. Enough w/ the DeNiro baseball speech already. It wasn't funny the first time, and it took forever to get the stains out of the table cloth!


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