Gremlins in the Garage!

Mad Model Party III: Review

Contest Winners


Beginner Class

1st Place Brendan Bertges "Indiana Jones Adventure"

Runner-Up Patrick Delaney "The Terminator Battle Zone"


1st Place Gerardo Cortes Jimenez "Harry"

Runner-up Jim Lawrence "Swamp Witch"


1st Place John Tucky "Bride of Frankenstein"

Runner-Up Tim Gore "Boltstien"

Painter's Class

1st Place Jim Lawrence "Roswell Alien"

Runner-Up Daryl Roque "Monster Squad Gill Man"

Predator Class

1st Place Daryl Roque "John Wright Predator"

Runner-Up David Gutierrez "Aliens vs. Predator"

Anime Class

1st Place Jon Loomis "Peace"

Runner-Up Asao Goto "Guyver Dark Hero"

Kudos Awards

1994: Terry Webb, and Horizon
1995: George Stephenson
1996: Tom Gilliland, and David Fisher

Note: We did our best to identify the kits in the pictures, but please let us know if we made any mistakes so we can correct them. Also, if we missed getting a picture of your kit please send us one so we can add it to this review. Thanks!


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