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Art Storm USA / Fewture Models gives us a new product Sneek Peek! These photos are of three new kits to be released this spring. The first figure is Nina Darkness. This gorgeous figure is a 1/6 scale resin kit, sculpted by Yuji Oniki. She should be available in March or April. The second figure is Phancure, in soft vinyl. The third kit is a matching Nina (sold separately from the Phancure). We don't have any dates for the release of the Phancure yet...

Nina Darkness Phancure Nina (for Phancure)


Art Storm USA / Fewture Models is the new U.S. office for Fewture Models! Located in Seattle and ready to take orders. Currently available are Guillotinna, Operation In Progress, Nina Gillman-Skin, Sitting Hell, Raped! Woman Bee, Failed Guyver, and BoltStein. Welcome to the USA, Fewture!

Art Storm USA / Fewture Models
4710 University Way NE #103
Seattle, WA 98105 USA
Tel: 206-524-1718
Fax: 206-524-1847


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